Serial Code Fragments:

Assembly sy372128 1e3 1325-01-04-5890

Confirmed Company:





Water drilling site, Sanaa governorate,





Type of weapon

GBU-12 Paveway II


Two GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided 500-pound bombs. One bomb wing assembly produced by Raytheon in the US in October 2015. Second bomb wing assembly produced in the US in 2015, exact manufacture date unknown. Before dawn on September 10, coalition aircraft struck the site of a water drilling rig near Beit Saadan village in the Arhab district, 30 kilometers north of Sanaa. The drill rig was in an unpopulated area reachable only by dirt road, about two kilometers from the nearest village. Multiple strikes over the course of the morning killed at least 31 civilians and wounded 42 more, according to OHCHR.

Image of aftermath at the water drilling site.

Arial image provided by Human Rights Watch

GBU-12 Paveway II is an American aerial laser-guided bomb, based on the Mk 82 500-pound (227 kg) general-purpose bomb, but with the addition of a nose-mounted laser seeker and fins for guidance. In this case the bomb was manufactured by Raytheon. Another defence company which manufactures this typ of bomb is the american defence company Lockheed Martin.

Raytheon Technologies Logo: According to SIPRI research Raytheon accounts to the top five largest arms companies in the world ranked by their arms sales in 2019.

Jerry Tobey, Vice President Air Warfare Systems Business Development from Raytheon admiring their success and sharing their future steps. The video shows in the background different bombs like the Paveway IV or the Small Diameter Bomb GBU 53-B.

Video of the incident published Human Rights Watch talking to a teacher and farmer after the attack.